At United Tyre Associates our care and concern for customers go beyond just selling and servicing products of impeccable quility. As a matter of policy, we have been holding the price line, even during the difficult periods of scarcity - without taking advantage of the short supply. So much so that our customers have always relied on us to meet their needs.

This has gone a long way in strengthening our bond with our customers from all over Bareilly and even across the bareilly.

The company offers following services all under one roof
  • Wheel Alignment -Computerised Wheel Alignment with a state-of-the-art machine that provides zero-error readings, ensuring precise and accurate alignment of your wheels.

  • Wheel Balancing-Compucentric Wheel Balancing, Dynamic balancing of wheel assembly results in increased tyre life and enhanced vehicle stability.

  • Head Light Adjustment -Optical Headlamp Aligning with equipment that enables optimal luminance and focussing of your headlamps.

  • Tyre Repairing- Electro-Pneumatic Tyre-Changing enables damage-free mounting and dismounting of tyres.

  • Rim Straightening-Brake Testing, using self-rotated rollers to test the braking efficiency of individual wheels.

  • Automotive batteries are also checked and serviced.



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